Join a craftsmanship.
Make a place to know,
Make the future full of smiles.

We help the customers in the following tasks


We provide a service to deliver/communicate/connect
the technical skill and technology of the Japanese manufacturing environment.

  • 01 Coordination of market development activities


    The hidden master craftsmans are here!
    MACHICOCO is the base that gathers and communicates the informations of the small factories.
    We provide a service that connects requesters and skilled

    Sales promotion

    We support the creation of tools for sales promotion (Website, promotion) by improving the communication of the strong points with easy to understand expressions and language.

  • 02 Hand down a skill for the future


    A lecture where technicians and craftsman teach the technologies and technical skills.
    From children to adults, we provide a place to learn the techologies and techniques.


    We provide a place where people can experience manufacturing freely.

  • 03Make a product and sell

    For living with the comfortable design

    We realize happiness and rich life by Japanese craftsmanship.
    We connect of a technique and a design and an idea.
    Then think together and make it together, send it all over the world.

  • 04Support a company

    Solution of the company tasks/problems

    We tackle and solve the company problems together with the managers thanks to IOT services and the collaboration with experienced company managers.

  • Factory Tours

    As we connect several manufacturers, we can organize factory tours at any time.
    We can plan both tours only for the observation of the factory and also a practical experience tour.
    Feel free to ask us!

  • Event information

    MACHICOCO hold an event at any time.
    Please feel free to participate our event.

    Once per month we organize a meeting with several workers in the form of BAR where persons who are passionate about craftmanship gathers. An event where people can exchange ideas and opinions about current technologies while eating and drinking.

    We are in the era of the digitalization. We organize a study meeting to comprehend the role of IT in the company business.We can plan it at any time.

    Real manufacturing experience
    A workshop event where people can understand and experience a real manufacturing process. We can plan it at any time.


Here you will find products born from the cooperation of engineers and designers.
Here there are products born from special skills provided by several companies.

Company informations

About us

Machi means backstreet workshop/technology

The informations and the things starts from HERE
The company that CONNECTS the discoveries made by people and made with technologies.
We create a COLORFUL life and an happy future for the people.

We connect the TRUST, and we CONTRIBUTE to the creation of a CONFORTABLE society.

company MACHICOCO Co.,Ltd.
representative CEO Kayo Toya
address 2-5-4 Mikuriya,Higashiosaka-shi OSAKA,577-0032,JAPAN
TEL 06-6720-8735
FAX 06-6720-8736
Capital 300million yen