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To solve the problem that a company has…

“My business is not working as expencted”, “We cannot communicate smoothly with employee”,
are just few of the problems that afflict most of the entrepreneur.
We, as company who supports the companies, are the solution for those companies who seek support from experienced business advisors.


We provide business optimization
plans through the services provided by google

I can’t afford to hire new employees.
I want to optimize my business in order to increase the profits.
I want to reduce the waste of labour force.
I want to improve the efficiency of the management activities.

We guide our customers until the completion of each given task through the services provided by google.
We provide a detailed plan for the creation of an efficient business in an affordable and easy to actuate way.
The plans are made to order.
We modify the business optimization plan according to the customer needs and regularly update it and improve it through the course of the service period: the optimization plan will improve day by day.
We can meet the customer directly here at machicoco or via web meeting once per month to discuss about the tasks and contribute to the optimization of our customer business by improving and updating the optimization plan.


We think about the solution and improve the plan every month.

The business is not going well because the managers cannot communicate their intentions or opinions smoothly to the workers.

We research and understand the opinions of the managers and workers and put effort to connect them.
Why are the inefficencies of our business not decreasing? Why is our CEO not communicating his intention.
We support the business creating a smooth company environment by impoving the communication between managers and workers.
Once per month, we will think together with the customers about the tasks and the solutions,
and we will manage and observe the progress of the optimization plan by e-mail once per week.
CA of PDCA is the most important. MACHICOCO will follow constantly the customers, and work togehter to improve the business.