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Here at Machicoco we support them skilled companies by creating their “shape”.

We guide the companies in the product design, from the product planning to the sales,
thanks to the collaboration with experienced manufacturers and designers.
We put effort to help all those companies who developed innovative technologies but struggle to shape them into a product.
If the companies struggle to understand the market, the marketing techniques or the selling process, we are here to support them.
We will help to “shape” the techologies developed by the costumers and, together, we will deliver them to the world.

Example of product development

TOHO Titanium WEBTi@-F

<Company and product history>
WEBTi@-F is produced by TOHO Titanium, a company operating in the field of titanium manufacturing for 60 years. We can say that TOHO Titanium accompanied step by step the titanium since its “birth”.
While WEBTI@-F was originally thought as a product to be applied in high corrosion resistence electrode taking advantage of the excellent corrosion resistance, the comment of one of our customer who was amazed by the beauty of the fibers of titanium that looked like japanese traditional paper, ignited the spark that led to a new product.
We, that look WEBTi@-F as a pure functional material, realized that there was the possbility to develop a product in different direction from the common applications. After the anodizing treatment of the titanium, we try to illuminate the surface of the titanium and the result was surprising. The surface of WEBTi@-F was a mixture of light diffraction, light reflection and shadows: a never seen fantastic light effects.
Given the satisfying results of our tests, it was obvious for us to turn WEBTi@-F in a Design material, and we think that this innovative material showed the hidden beauty of the titanium. As we previously said, through WEBTi@-F, we really want as many people to realize the “beauty” of this innovative material and at the same time to make them feel the still uncovered possibilities that hides.

WEBTi@-F interior design light (tillmio)

Client exhibited by the Home&Building Show 2019. We were in charge of a booth design.
sale begins in 2020.