Coordination of market development activities

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  • Coordination of market development activities


We deliver the information of every company through “monootor”.
We provide a service to the companies by gathering and sending the company informations and heping them to find and develop new sales channels.

Together we create the customers.

We create new sales channel by gathering and spreading the company information required by the customers.
We deliver the information of the companies in an easy to consult way by the customers.
By this service, we want not only the companies to create new sales channel and companies,
but also spreading friendship connections between companies and customers.

  • Lathe- slotter process

  • Rombic wire netting

  • Superfine Engraved stamps

  • Proposing Type Plastic molds

    SHIMADZU Co., Ltd.

How can we deliver the company information that a customer is looking for?

  • The company informations are updated twice per month.

    The staff of monooto will research once per month about the company, and deliver the updated informations twice per month.

  • We provide informations in multiple languages.

    We create a multilingual page, supporting companies to find partners also abroad.

  • Step up support.

    We help the company once per month to solve each task, and accompany our customers to the achieve the objectives.

  • Management support.

    We help the companies who struggle in the management activity.

What advantages i have if i use monoto

When the information of the company are updated and sent continuosly, the trust given by the customer increases.
Information leads to new business when I send it.
When new technologies or services are sent, new collaborations become possible.
Also, the workers of such company will understand more and become more aware about their own company business.
Monooto staff makes company profile and a fryer easily.
We believe that if we proceed in this direction, we can make an easy and fast to consult sales promotion tool.

Sales promotion

We support the creation of a sales promotion tool which gathers the appeal points and strong points of our customers.
We provide support for the connection with sales channels thruogh sales promotion tools such as WEB sites.


  • ELEV・ Exhibition Direction

    Totsuka Juryo Co., Ltd.

We are helping those companies who are struggling to communicate their strong points or appeal points.。
Here at Machicoco we help our customer to “translate” their strong points in a easy to understand expressions,
in order to appeal the our customer’s customers.
We believe that an efficient product communication is as important as the product itself.
We know the spot well. Therefore I suggest the strength of the company to a customer clearly.

  • We bring out your strong points

    The staff of monooto will inquiry about our customers’ strong points and set a target.

  • Design

    We propose a design which fits the image of our customer

What is the difference between monooto and a production company?

We are not just putting the product on paper but we are also thinking with our customers how to show it and promote it.
A designer does good suggestion with a professional knowing the manufacturing industry.