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From children to adults, a school where you can learn the technologies and the technological skills.
Experienced craftmans will make you see the material with your own eyes, plan and create with your own hands.
Together with them you will know how to expand your sense of creativity, feel the experience of manufacturing and learn the technical skills.
Through this exerience we want you to feel the importance of the manufactured objects.
With “Craftsman school”we educate the new generations by combining innovative ideas in the field of art or science with the manufacturing technical skills.

Afterschool manufacturing class

A class thought for elementary and junior high school students, complete with homework assignments.
A theme is chosen every month and practal lessons of manufacturing are conducted according to the theme.
We put the learning of the school which is basic learning together in this classroom and make a product and learn morality from there. A new everyday experience classroom

Professional technical class

A lecture for the companies who seek for a high level of technical skill learning.
We provide a place to learn from specialists of the techniques related to lathe, stamps, cutting, welding, and so on.
We create a training program to support those companies whose time is limited or struggle to train the personnel.

Manufacturing experience workshop

Do you want to try a manufactruing experience?
We are planning workshops for those who want to try the experience of creating objects together with skilled craftsmans.